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    Defeaters is professional counter-strike team from Slovakia. This team was founded in year 2002 and immediately has became top in Slovakia. After a lot of changes in team we have became the best. We have attended biggest tournaments in the world like ESWC 2005 in Paris, WCG 2005 in Singapore. We were invited to EuroCup, Asus Winter Cup, etc. Therefor we have built solid reputation in the world... Name DEFEATERS is registered trade mark , also the graphic logo and design.

First LAN of our team in the 2017 will be the CLAN Cup Winter 2017...   



LANParty will take place in Vsetin (Czech Republic) between 11-12th February 2017. Tournament will be played in a sportshall of the Private High-school Kostka.


/// Updated

Our team did not reach Playoff. We ended on 5th place in our group. We ending on 12th-16th place.

On this LAN will teams compete in two games - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone. In the CS:GO torunament will participate 16 teams from Czech and Slovak Republic. 

Teams will be splitted in 2 groups for 8 teams and played together by BO1 system. Top four teams from each group will go to playoff, which will be played as double-elimination bracket. Semifinal and final matches will be played as BO3.


1st place: 500€
2nd place: 250€
3rd place: 150€

This LAN-Party is also classified as C - category tournament for MČR 2017 classification. Which means, that teams in top8 can receive totally from 50 to 250 points into MCR classification

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TBA | 20:00 CET


ESL Open League Spring 2017 - Groupstage


vs.  ZOWIJEBOYS02 : 00
vs.  Xeus Technologies02 : 00
vs.  Fraternitas03 : 16
vs.  Cutting Shapes01 : 00
vs.  UnWanted16 : 08