01/04/20172nd place ESL Opean League Winter - Groupstage
20/03/20173-4th place myRevenge CZSK CSGO Event
20/02/20175th place EL-ESPORT League Season II




16/02/20132nd place PlayZone GIGABYTE League I Qual. #5
06/02/20134th place ESL CZ&SK pre A-Series


25/09/20121st place EMS Winter 2012 - Slovakia
10/06/20121st place PlayZone INTEL NightCup #301
07/05/201217-42th place Balkan CS League Season II
07/04/20121st place K-NET LAN April
17/03/20122nd place PlayZone MZH 03/2012
04/03/20124th place PlayZone INTEL League Qualification
06/02/20125-6th place BENQ LanCraft Spring 2012


28/11/20113rd place PlayZone GIGABYTE League III Finals
08/10/20115-8th place LanCraft Autumn 2011
15/05/20115-8th place WCG 2011 CZ/SK Qualification


19/10/20102nd place PGS League Finals
09/10/20101st placeIntel Extreme Masters Season V Qualification
13/04/20102nd place PlayZone TFT Cup #2
30/03/20103rd place PlayZone TFT Cup #1
28/03/20103rd place GrandLan Slovenia
21/03/20105th place PlayZone MZH 03/2010
15/03/20102nd place CyberArena Poznan
15/03/20101st place NYNO Lan Arena
06/03/20102nd place LanCraft Silesia 
06/03/20101st place LanCraft Silesia
28/02/20102nd place EGU Team LAN Warszawa
20/02/20103rd place PlayZone MZH 02/2010
24/01/20102nd place PlayZone MZH 01/2010
22/01/20101st place Blackzone.pl NightCup


20/12/20093rd place w3cz 2009 FDE Tournament
20/12/20091st place STORM The Front Winter #2
14/11/20093rd place STORM The Front Winter #1
08/11/20092nd place WGT 2009
07/11/20092nd place PlayZone Series #1
20/09/20094th place WGT 2009
20/09/20092nd place WGT 2009
30/08/20091st place LanCraft Summer 2009
30/08/20091st place MČR 2009
27/08/20091st place Intel Extreme Masters Season IV Qualification
12/01/20092nd place NecroRaisers ProCup 2009


17/08/20082nd place Intel Extreme Masters Season III Qualification
10/07/20082nd place SGL One Night Stand X
09/07/20082nd place UNDZWEI FIFA League
07/07/20082nd place ESL Major Series Season III Qualification
22/06/20082nd place UG.cz CREATIVE League
14/06/20081st place UG.cz GIGABYTE League
09/06/20081st place #alter-ego 3 Live Cup
07/06/20081st place UNDZWEI Master Series
07/06/20082nd place UNDZWEI For the best Cup
07/06/20083rd place CREATIVE Cup #3
31/05/20083rd place CREATIVE Cup #2
29/05/20081st place e-Sports CSL VII
26/05/20083rd place ESL Spring Cup 2008
03/05/20083rd place PG CyberTour 5/08
24/04/20081st place CREATIVE Cup #1
12/04/20081st place PG CyberTour 4/08
25/03/20082nd place ESL Winter Cup 2008
28/02/20081st place ESL NightCup #6
18/01/20083rd place UNDZWEI PCWARE League


03/12/20075-8th place ClanBase OpenCup Fall 2007
01/12/20071st place PG CyberTour 6/07
28/10/20073rd place Extreme Masters II Qualification
25/10/20074th place InvexCup 2007
21/10/20072nd place Chello LAN Party
20/10/20072nd place Slovak Championship 2007
06/10/20071st place PG CyberTour 4/07
12/08/20071st place uyR NightCup #18
28/07/20071st place UG.cz CSS MZH
20/07/20072nd place WCG 2007 CZ/SK Qualification Cup# 2
28/06/20071st place GIGABYTE Cup
25/06/20073rd place PG: AMD CS League LAN finals
23/06/20071st place e-Sports CSL VI
18/06/200710th place EuroCup XV
30/05/20071st place ESWC 2007 CZ/SK Qualification
27/05/20071st place BOOK Challenge #6
??/??/20071st place CyberSports Cup
31/03/20071st place STORM The Front Mini
17/03/20071st place Kingston CSS MZH 2/07
??/??/20071st place QPAD Cup
28/01/20072nd place e-Sports CSL V
21/01/20072nd place Insignia Cadre Cup
13/01/20072nd place STORM After-Christmas


22/10/20069-16th place World Cyber Games 2006
22/10/200617-34th place World Cyber Games 2006
07/10/20061st place InvexCup WarmUp
30/09/20061st place CZ/SK/HU AMD.CS 1/06
13/09/200617-34th place EXTREME MASTERS I
10/09/20061st place Slovak Championship
24/08/20061st place uyR Tournament Special Edition
23/08/20061st place ESL Summer Cup 2006
13/08/20062nd place STORM The Front Summer
23/07/20061st place Špalíček Opening LAN
20/07/20061st place Abyss III
19/07/20063rd place EAC Summer 2006
09/07/20061st place BOOK Challenge #5
05/07/20064th place FaxZup By Night #2
24/06/20061st place MMW 2006 ShowMatch
20/06/20061st place ESL Spring Cup 2006
27/05/20062nd place AMD League Finals XIII
07/05/20062nd place e-Sports CSL IV
01/03/20061st place ESL Winter Cup 2006
25/02/20061st place iCyberCafe Cup


17/12/20052nd place e-Sports CSL III
27/10/20057-8th place AMD Euro Cyber Cup 2005
25/10/20052nd place Czech Championship
16/10/20051st place STORM the Front
25/08/20052nd place iCyberCafe Cup
10/07/200526th place ESWC Paris 2005
02/07/20053rd place e-Sports CSL II
26/06/20057-8th place AMD PG Challenge .005
21/06/20061st place GoDSL CUP
21/06/20051st place Slovak Championship
02/04/20054th place e-Sports CSL I
13/03/200516th place SEC Hannover 2005
05/02/20054th place Saturday Night Live #6


19/12/20041st place uG.Xmas tourney
14/12/20041st place e-Sports ClanBase
29/11/20041st place Train II 2004
31/10/20042nd place Train Invitation


1st placeEMS Winter Slovakia - 2012
17-42th placeBalkan CS League Season II - 2012
5-8th placeWCG 2011 CZ/SK Qualification
1st placeIntel Extreme Masters V Qualification - 2010
3rd placeGrandLan Slovenia - 2010
2nd placeCyberArena Poznan - 2010
1st placeNYNO Lan Arena - 2010
2nd placeEGU Team LAN Warszawa - 2010
2nd placeWGT - 2009
2nd placeWGT - 2009
1st placeMČR - 2009
1st placeIntel Extreme Masters IV Qualification - 2009
2nd placeIntel Extreme Masters III Qualification - 2008
2nd placeUNDZWEI FIFA League - 2008
2nd placeESL Major Series Season III Qualification - 2008
1st placeUNDZWEI Master Series - 2008
3rd placeExtreme Masters II Qualification - 2007
2nd placeSlovak Championship - 2007
2nd placeWCG 2007 CZ/SK Qualification Cup #2
10th placeEuroCup XV - 2007
1st placeESWC 2007 CZ/SK Qualification
2nd placeInsignia Cadre Cup - 2007
9-16th placeWorld Cyber Games - 2006
17-34th placeWorld Cyber Games - 2006
1st placeInvexCup Warmup - 2006
17-34th placeEXTREME MASTERS I - 2006
1st placeSlovak Championship - 2006
7-8th placeAMD Euro Cyber Cup - 2005
2nd placeCzech Championship - 2005
26th placeESWC Paris - 2005
1st placeSlovak Championship - 2005
16th placeSEC Hannover - 2005