DEFEATERS is professional Counter-strike team from Slovakia. This team was founded in year 2002 and immediately has became top in Slovakia. After a lot of changes in team we have became the best. We have attended biggest tournaments in the world like ESWC 2005 in Paris, WCG 2005 in Singapore. We were invited to EuroCup, Asus Winter Cup, etc. Therefor we have built solid reputation in the world. We are important part of Slovak Counter-Strike history. DEFEATERS was created by Schuna & Zaggi in 2002. CEO Ladislav „Lao“ Noskovič. Honorable & most important person of our history is Marián „h4“ Obal. Name DEFEATERS is registered trade mark , also the graphic logo and design.





LIST OF LEGENDS - Counter-Strike 1.6 - Main team of DEFEATERS

h4, murco, Loner, FuNcT1oN, rox0r, bafo, nim, jENSO, zigurat, har1, sbtgE, skreqone, Pepik, zEro, V!per, letko, jOhny, Dzony, hmxcile, giotive, selby, monty, gcko, fantomas, small, demo, Mia .